Some Growing Challenges In Deciding Upon Aspects In Online Roulette

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte arrives at the military REUTERS/Erik De Castro MANILA Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte demanded on Wednesday the European Union show him respect worthy of a president, despite giving the bloc a one-finger gesture and a vulgar four-letter rebuke after its legislators expressed concern about his drug war. Angered by last week's call by the European parliament for restraint in his deadly 11-week crackdown, the former mayor of the southern city of Davao took aim for a second day at the European Union and said he did not deserve insults. "Even the EU is scolding me," Duterte said in a televised speech at an army base. "When I was mayor, that was OK but it is different now because I am the president. Why would you insult me?" He added: "It is as if I am your subordinate." After lambasting the United Nations, the United States and its president and Nobel laureate, Barack Obama, the EU is the latest high-profile recipient of a Duterte dressing-down that has become part of his appeal to millions of Filipinos. Duterte swept to power in a May election promising an assault on the drugs trade and at least 3,800 people have been killed since he took office on June 30. The European parliament appeared to strike a nerve when it issued a statement calling on his government to "put an end to the current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings", while expressing concern about "extraordinarily high numbers killed during police operations". During a speech on Tuesday, Duterte hit out at the EU, saying "Fuck you" and raising a fist with the middle finger thrust out in an obscene gesture. The European Union delegation in Manila issued a diplomatically worded statement from its ambassador but later retracted it, for reasons not explained, replacing it with another, saying "We don't comment on comments".

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